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Our services enable individuals, teams and organisations to actualise their potential and foster DEIB excellence

Welcome to TDCI's Centre for DEIB Excellence

DEIB Trainings for Employees and Management

Our flagship service is our fully customisable suite of DEIB Trainings designed to make meaningful and sustainable shifts in the hearts and minds of employees and management. 

An integrated assessment/audit of the client’s DEIB current scenario and desired state. Identify areas of excellence, barriers (HR Value chain, accessibility…) organisational cultural and readiness for change.

Our DEIB advisory services enable clients to strategically chart a data-driven transformation journey considering their context, barriers and aspirations.

Our interventions address both Organisational Engineering and People & Culture elements. The elements include (1) strategic alignment, (2) creating equitable and inclusive policies & practices, (3) designing supportive structures, systems & facilities, (4) mobilising leaders, (5) training employees and (6) entrenching DEIB in the culture of the organisation.

Monitor and review the shifts that have taken place. Valuate the progress or success of the intervention. Identify next areas of improvement.

Upcoming Events

30 Years of Democracy in South Africa

The South African Dream Revisited

Conversations on the State of DEIB Transformation: 30 Years later

The Rainbow nation, through various highs and lows, has been on a roller-coaster ride ever since 1994. Celebrating three decades of democracy offers an opportune moment to reflect on our journey, and the state of DEIB Transformation. Conversations will be hosted nationally to explore our journey (past and present) and what needs to be done to propel us towards our South-African dream. 

DEIB Community of Practice

Disability Group

DEIB Community Conversations 2024

The popular DEIB Community of Practice Conversations create a platform to discuss emergent themes, showcase best practice, and benchmark against the best. The conversations are monthly hosted online on the first Friday of each month from 10h00-11h00. The first DEIB Practitioners' Forum of the year will be hosted on the 2nd February 2024. The session will explore critical themes and leading-edge initiatives that will define the DEIB space in 2024. 

Featured Article

Human Emergence

Doing Human Better

The challenge of our age

Humanity is poised on a tipping point! We are faced with crucial decisions that will determine our future. The article presents a case for Doing Human Better and challenges us as individuals, organisations and society to make a difference...

Popular Programmes


Embracing Abilities

Disability Awareness and Inclusion Training for Managers

Unlock the potential of every team member with our one-day training program, designed to empower managers with the essential skills and knowledge for creating a disability inclusive workplace. 

Inclusive Culture

DEIB Champions of Change

Fostering DEIB Allies and Upstanders in the Workplace

Join our transformative program to become a champion of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in your workplace. Be the Change. Be an Ally. Be an Upstander.

Past DEIB Clients and Feedback

"It is a journey. Learn, unlearn, and relearn ... we continuously become more aware of ourselves and others."

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