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The South-African Dream Revisited: 30 Years Later

Conversations on the State of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Transformation

The Rainbow nation, through various highs and lows, has been on a roller-coaster ride ever since 1994. Celebrating three decades of democracy offers an opportune moment to reflect on our journey, and our state of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Transformation. TDCI in collaboration with various partners will be hosting conversations nationally to explore our journey (past and present), revisit our South-African dream, and conceptualise what needs to be done to propel us towards a generative future. We believe that South-Africa can be better. Beyond just being stronger together, we believe that WE CAN DO HUMAN BETTER!!!


We would like to invite you to be part of this crucial conversations.


Attendance will be free of charge. Watch this space for more information about venues and dates.


Please feel free to contact us directly if you/ your organisation wants to participate or partner us in the hosting of these conversations.

Diverse Group of People

DEIB Community of Practice 2024

The popular DEIB Community Conversations kick off again on the 2nd February 2024. This year the community conversations will be hosted monthly on the first Friday of each month (10h00-11h00) via MS Teams. As usual, attendance of DEIB Community Conversations are free of charge! Please register for sessions to receive your MS Teams invitation link.


The DEIB Community of Practice creates a platform where practitioners can network with industry peers, discuss emergent themes,  showcase best practice, and benchmark against the best. The DEIB Community serves as a hub for collective learning, support, and action in the ongoing effort to capacitate yourself as DEIB Practitioner.

Disabled People

DEIB Master Class Series

Creating exponential shifts in Praxis, Narratives & Relations

Executive masterclass series for DEIB practitioners who want to exponentially shift and challenge their grasp, narratives, and approach in dealing with race, gender, disability, LGBTQIA+, generations and class/socioeconomic differences in the workplace.


Join us for an empowering and transformative DEIB Masterclass Series, designed for DEIB Executives and practitioners who aspire to lead the charge in fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in their organizations. This comprehensive series is a beacon for advancing your skills and understanding, featuring renowned experts in the field. Each session is meticulously curated to delve deep into the critical aspects of DEIB, ranging from innovative strategies to practical implementations.


Whether you're looking to enhance your expertise, stay abreast of the latest trends, or network with fellow DEIB champions, this masterclass series offers a unique convergence of knowledge, experience, and shared commitment. Elevate your impact, broaden your perspective, and be part of the driving force shaping inclusive cultures. Reserve your spot today and take a significant step in your journey as a DEIB leader!

RIDE 2.0

The Robben Island Diversity Experience (RIDE) 2.0, in its evolved version, is a profound professional and an intense personal developmental journey. Professionally the purpose of the event is to enable practitioners to attain an advanced understanding of ‘diversity’ as phenomenon, the factors that shape our emergence as human beings, and the dynamics that inform the way we perceive, understand, and engage as collectives. The experience has a solid theoretical foundation that affords practitioners new lenses to study and understand human relations.


Personally, delegates are confronted with their own reference systems, blind spots, identity, level of consciousness, evolving stages of psychological development, power, and relatedness. In this developmental journey elements of waking-up, growing-up, and cleaning-up are woven together to enable them to show-up differently. In the words of Claire Graves: “We cannot be before we are” – we cannot be inclusive, emotionally intelligent, or culturally competent before we develop and own those capacities.


RIDE 2.0 provides practitioners with a master code to host vertical conversations about diversity dynamics and conceptualise the field from an integral perspective. The 2024 RIDE 2.0 will be launched 1st of March during the practitioner forum session. Book early to be part of this life-changing experience.


South African DEIB Awards 2024

Promoting & Celebrating DEIB Excellence

The South African Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Awards promote and celebrate excellence in the field, showcase leading-edge initiatives and give public recognition to South African organisations on the forefront of DEIB transformation. The Awards set benchmarks in enabling strategic, meaningful, and sustainable shifts in organisations. The Awards is an annual event in which organisations can enter in the following six categories:


  • DEIB Transformation Company of the year

  • Leading HR DEIB Best Practice Award 2024

  • People and Culture Inclusion Award 2024

  • DEIB Change Maverick Award 2024

  • Disability Equity and Inclusion Award 2024

  • Gender Equity and Inclusion Award 2024

  • Public Sector DEIB Company of the year


The 2024 South African DEIB Awards will be launched in March 2024. Watch this space for details. 


South African DEIB Awards Summit

Showcasing leading-edge strategies and initiatives from the Award-winning organisations

The highly anticipated DEIB Awards Summit gives organisations the chance to benchmark against the Mavericks in the field. The winners of the different award categories will showcase the strategies that made them a pioneer in their category.  This one-day event can enable an exponential shift in your grasp and management of workplace diversity.


The success strategies and frameworks of the category winners can propel your company’s DEIB efforts to the next level.


The DEIB Summit provides:

  • High-level overview on the current state of DEIB-related transformation

  • Keynote presentations by category winners from both the private and public sector

  • Opportunities to benchmark your company’s initiatives against current best practice.

  • Listen to state-of-the-art and innovative diversity strategies, new perspectives, motives, and frameworks to elevate your DEIB efforts.

  • Practical understanding how HR can become an effective enabler of DEIB.

  • Attain key strategies to move beyond compliance, attain leadership buy-in, and entrench inclusion in the organisational culture.

  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers.


Save the date: August 2024

More detail about the Summit will be provided in due course.

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