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DEIB Advisory

We regard DEIB excellence as a journey, not a destination. We therefore take time to get to know our clients, their unique context, opportunities, challenges, and aspirations. With this understanding we can help our clients to create and maintain workplace environments that are diverse, equitable, inclusive, and that fosters a sense of belonging among all employees.


Our Advisory services enable clients to (1) attain a clear perspective on their current DEIB scenario, (2) crystallise their desire DEIB state, (3) identify internal and external factors that will influence the change process, and (4) to strategically chart a fit-for-purpose transformation journey that considers the context, hopes, and developmental stage of the client. The data attained through the DEIB audit reveals the most pressing issues to be prioritised and the scheduling of interventions. Whilst we know that cannot change our clients, we can put a plan, process and journey in place through which the change can take place.

How our DEIB Advisory Services can assist your organisation

Your Needs

Our Service

Your Results

We are not sure how to get started?

Workshop data from DEIB assessment with client. With the current scenario and desired state in mind, draft a strategic DEIB change journey in collaboration with client.

A clear strategic journey from the as is, to the to be scenario, with clear goals, strategies, deliverables, timeframes and responsible parties.

We are not EE compliant. Please assist us in getting there!

Use EE compliance audit information to identify areas of non-compliance. Design a strategic plan with short-term wins and long-term transformation. Capacitate role-players and implement. Monitor and review from time to time to check progress.

EE compliant procedurally and in output.

Struggling to draft a new EE Plan, identifying AA measures, eliminating barriers or reporting?

Use data from EE audit and qualitative barrier analysis. Provide strategic consulting and enable collaborative consulting processes to develop required elements.

EE practice compliant and in line with industry best practice.

Struggling to including a specific group (race, gender, persons with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ …)

Use data from assessment to understand state of inclusion/exclusion. Based on findings design a fit-for-purpose plan to address the barriers that limit inclusion and participation of the group. Advisory service addresses the root cause, not just the symptom. Implement initiatives and monitor continuously.  

A clear strategic journey in dealing with the race/gender/ disability… based issues and working towards sustainable inclusion.

We want to move beyond compliance. Please assist us

Utilise assessment findings. Develop a long-term fit-for-purpose transformation plan. Implement and monitor progress.

An organisational shift from compliance towards the business case and inclusion.

We have done a lot of work on workplace diversity but want to embed inclusion and belonging in our culture

Identify areas of strength and development. Put strategies in place to align organisational elements as well as people and culture elements with DEIB excellence. Include elements that enable sustainable transformation and the embedding of the change in the culture of the organisation.

DEIB Excellence – Inclusion is what we believe in and how we conduct business.

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