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DEIB Services

DEIB Excellence does not just happen, it needs to be intentionally designed or engineered. The problem is that many such initiatives, despite the vast amounts of time, energy and money that are being spent in its pursuit, fail to achieve its objectives. To avoid these pitfalls, TDCI has developed an DEIB Transformation Framework and Suite of Services to ensure that integrated, meaningful and sustainable transformation takes place.


TDCI acknowledges the embedded interrelated levels of transformation (individual, team, leader, organisation, and contextual levels) and the core elements of DEIB change (as per our integrated DEIB Framework) in the six core services that we offer to our clients. These services enable clients to embark on a continuous journey in which they progressively move towards DEIB excellence.

An integrated assessment/audit of the client’s DEIB current scenario and desired state.

Identify areas of excellence, barriers (HR Value chain, accessibility…) organisational cultural and readiness for change.

DEIB advisory services to strategically chart a data-informed fit-for-purpose transformation journey.

Organisational Engineering

·        Strategic alignment & ExCo support

·        Policies & practices

·        Supportive structures, systems & facilities

People & Culture

·        Mobilising Leaders

·        Training & Capacitating Individuals

·        Cultural Entrenchment

Monitor and review the shifts that have taken place. Valuate the progress or success of the intervention. Identify next areas of improvement.

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