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Welcome to TDCI’s hub for Diversity, Inclusion, Employment Equity & Transformation related services. Below are some insightful articles on EEDT.




  • Disability can benefit your company: Many companies mistakenly believe that hiring people with disabilities is inconvenient, but there are benefits. From qualifying for tax allowances to ducking hefty penalties, here are some of the perks. Disability employment is sometimes regarded as cumbersome  Read more   -  By Rustim Ariefdien

  • An employment checklist: There are a Few things companies should consider before they commit to employing people with disabilities. The employment of persons with disabilities has become an important consideration for businesses, as employers have to comply with legislation and can also then reap the benefits that are associated with the employment of persons with disabilities. Read more -  By Rustim Ariefdien

  • Universal access: The first pillar to empowerment -In the second article of a series on implementing the white paper on the rights of persons with disabilities, i take a closer look at how removing barriers to access plays a role in empowering people with disabilities. The first Empowerment Pillar of the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (WPRPD) is “removing barriers to access and participation”.  Read more -  By Rustim Ariefdien

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