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Strategic Alignment
& ExCo Support 

Strategic alignment ensures that the DEIB Blueprint (strategy, plan, charter) are integral to the organization's overall strategy and operations. This alignment ensures that DEIB considerations are part of decision-making processes, business planning, and organizational development strategies. ExCo commitment to DEIB sets the tone for the entire organization. Such a top-down approach legitimises DEIB efforts and models the behaviors and values DEIB promotes. ExCo support often translates into (1) DEIB being considered in policy and decision making, (2) the necessary resources (budget, personnel, and time) are allocation to DEIB initiatives, and (3) that parties are held accountable for DEIB metrics with regular and transparently reporting on progress.

Your Needs

Our Service

Your Results

We don’t have clear direction or strategic guidance in dealing with DEIB

Draft a Blueprint to guide DEIB decisions and actions (strategy, policy, charter…)

Organisation has a clear vision, strategy, charter, and blueprint that guide their DEIB transformation efforts

DEIB is not aligned to the overall organisational strategic intent.

Align DEIB blueprint to the organisational strategic intent

DEIB is incorporated in all organisational decisions: Business planning, staffing, organisational development and budgeting.

Our Board and Exco have not bought-into DEIB.  Only passive support for certain interventions.

Host strategic session with Board & Exco. Facilitate a deeper understanding of DEIB, its impact and the case for DEIB in the organisation. Mobilise buy-in and active support.

Top-down support. Leadership actively leads by example and sets the tone. Political will to drive transformation initiative. Budget allocated for DEIB initiatives.

Only a few people know what our stance is towards DEIB.

Crystallise and clearly communicate message to all employees and stakeholders. Being transparent about the organisation’s DEIB journey.

Transparency and a clear understanding of the organisation’s stance and strategic direction towards DEIB.

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