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Mobilising Leaders

Mobilising leaders to be architects of inclusion is pivotal in fostering inclusive workplaces. Leaders are the architects of the immediate environment within which teams daily operate. Their example sets the tone in the workplace and plays a crucial role in shaping the climate and culture of a team. Developing Leaders to be Inclusive equips them with the skills to understand and engage with diverse team members, recognize and mitigate biases, and foster an environment where all team members can thrive.


Mobilizing leaders to be inclusive requires a strategic approach that combines education, empowerment, and accountability. It begins with providing leaders with comprehensive training that not only covers the basics of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), but also delves into the nuances of unconscious biases and cultural competencies. This education should be paired with opportunities for leaders to engage in open dialogues and self-reflection, helping them understand their own perspectives and biases. This is critical since being an inclusive leader requires both a personal and a professional journey.


TDCI firstly offers the following training and development services in capacitating Leaders with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to be inclusive:

Your Needs

Our Service

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We need to capacitate managers with basic strategies and tools to manage diverse teams

Managing Diversity

Managers know how to approach and leverage workplace diversity. Set of strategies and tools. 

We need to capacitate our leaders to foster inclusive environments … to be inclusive and set an appropriate example

Leading inclusively – a personal and professional change journey in understand

Leaders are capacitated with the

Being inclusive

Our leaders need to function in multi-cultural teams. They need to be able to effectively engage, understand and communicate with their team.

Cultural competence and communication skills for inclusive leaders

Being aware of and competent in dealing with diverse groups of workers. Being able to engage and communicate effective …

We need to enable our leaders to function in an environment where change is the norm, an environment that calls for maturity, agility and emotional / social intelligence.

Power skills and mindset agility for inclusive leaders

Leaders who despite their mental models and convictions can effectively engage with diverse members. …

Mental agility – attained the power skills to …

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