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Data Gathering Methods

Data Gathering Methods

Our qualitative analysis of the lived experience of employees typically involves:


  • Desk top analysis: Review relevant human resource documents such as DEIB metrics, previous people survey results, IR cases, and exit interviews.

  • Surveys with open-ended questions allow for a comprehensive view of employee perspectives, attitudes, and lived experiences, providing a deeper understanding of workplace dynamics, culture, and employee satisfaction.

  • In-depth Interviews: Conducting one-on-one interviews with employees to explore their personal experiences, perceptions, and feelings about the workplace.

  • Focus Groups: Organizing group discussions among employees to gather collective views and experiences.

  • Collaborative methodologies such as Café Conversations, Open Space Technology (OST), Appreciative Inquiry, and Action Learning offer dynamic and inclusive ways to understand the qualitative experiences of employees.

    • Café Conversations and OST facilitate open, democratic discussions, allowing employees to freely share their experiences and ideas in a relaxed, café-like atmosphere or through self-organized sessions. This setup encourages diverse perspectives and deeper insights into workplace dynamics.

    • Appreciative Inquiry shifts the focus to the positive aspects of the workplace, enabling employees to explore their best experiences and envision improvements. It fosters a constructive dialogue about the strengths of the organization and its potential.

    • Action Learning, by engaging employees in solving real problems and reflecting on their actions, provides practical insights into day-to-day challenges and workplace learning opportunities.

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