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Employment Equity Compliance Audit

Our Employment Equity Compliance Audit evaluates an organization’s adherence to the Employment Equity Act (EEA) – thus the elimination of unfair discrimination and the promotion of affirmative action in the workplace. This audit is crucial for ensuring that companies are not only legally compliant but also actively working towards creating equitable and inclusive workplaces.


Key elements of our Employment Equity Compliance Audit is as follows:


  • Review of Employment Equity Plan: Auditors examine whether the company has an Employment Equity Plan as required by the EEA. This plan should detail the company's strategies for achieving equitable representation and fair treatment of all employees, especially those from designated groups (black people, women, and people with disabilities).

  • Analysis of Workforce Profile: The audit involves analysing the company's workforce profile to assess the representation of designated groups at various levels and in different job categories.

  • Examination of Recruitment Practices: Auditors evaluate the recruitment processes to ensure they are fair and do not discriminate against members of designated groups.

  • Assessment of Training and Development Programs: The audit reviews whether training and development opportunities are provided equitably to all employees, with special focus on the advancement of employees from designated groups.

  • Evaluation of Promotion and Succession Planning: The audit checks if promotions and succession planning processes are free from bias and offer equal opportunities to members of designated groups.

  • Inspection of Remuneration and Benefits: Auditors examine the company's salary scales, benefits, and other forms of remuneration to ensure there is no unfair discrimination.

  • Review of Employment Policies and Procedures: The audit includes a thorough review of all employment policies and procedures to ensure they support the goals of employment equity and do not inadvertently disadvantage any group.

  • Consultation Process: The compliance audit also looks at the consultation process with employees, including trade unions, regarding employment equity matters.

  • Reporting Compliance: The audit checks if the company has been complying with the reporting requirements under the EEA, which includes submitting annual reports to the Department of Labour.

  • Implementation of Employment Equity Plan: Finally, the audit assesses how effectively the Employment Equity Plan has been implemented and whether the set targets and goals are being met.


Our Employment Equity Compliance Audit is not just a regulatory requirement but also a crucial step in ensuring that workplaces in South Africa are diverse, inclusive, and free from discrimination. It helps in identifying areas of improvement and guides companies in taking necessary steps to ensure a fair and equitable work environment.

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