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Doing Human Better

My, your and our challenge for 2024 and beyond

Doing Human Better

As we enter a new year, it's important to take a moment to reflect on how we can improve as individuals, organisations, and collectives. The truth is, while we've accomplished incredible scientific and technological feats, we still struggle to connect with each other in respectful, inclusive, and harmonious ways.


Our society is plagued by self-centred behaviour, prejudice, bias, destructive emotions, and damaging relations. Gender-based violence, corruption, and the greed of the few versus the socio-economic strive of millions are just a few examples of the tragic tale of humanity's unravelling.


So, what would this world be like if we DID HUMAN BETTER? It's a challenge we must all take on, individually and collectively. Let's strive towards a future where we prioritise empathy, respect, and inclusivity. Only then can we truly achieve our full potential as a species.


In the pursuit of personal and collective growth, we invite you to join us on a journey towards integral consciousness. Our goal is to move beyond self-centred, profit-driven mindsets and embrace hope, respect, care, dignity, love, and empathy-based relations that enable us to foster environments aligned with the survival and flourishing of all sentient beings. 


The journey towards doing human better calls for us to wake-up, grow-up, and clean-up, in order to show-up in a more mature and inclusive way. We believe that this is possible, and we challenge you to join us in this quest towards a better future.


As organisational success becomes increasingly tied to the well-being and engagement of its human capital, it is vital to create environments that foster potential and recognise the intrinsic value of individuals. We must create

abundance-minded integral cultures that promote systemic survival.


We pose this challenge to ourselves, our clients, and the world at large: "DO HUMAN BETTER" in the coming year! The question is, what will your contribution be?

Marius Pretorius

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