TDCI’s EEDIT Track Record and Clients


TDCI boasts one of the widest and most specialised range of diversity related products and services, each of which has been developed and researched by leading practitioners in their respective fields.  TDCI is a registered service provider with the Services SETA, decision number 2304. As part of TDCI’s vision to be internationally recognised as a Leading Training Service Provider, we constantly research and re-engineer our programmes. 

TDCI is one of the foremost service providers for diversity related programmes in South Africa. Some of the reasons for this statement are as follows:

  • TDCI annually hosts a number of Diversity Conferences / Events where leading practitioners, consultants and stakeholders workshop critical issues and share best practice – E.g. The , the Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation (EEDT) Summit & Disability Equity Summit.

  • TDCI has, in association with EES-Siyakha and SABPP launched the first Employment Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Awards. The EEDT Awards creates a platform through which public recognition can be given to South African organisations that have excelled in Employment Equity, Diversity and Transformation. The Annual SABPP EEDT Awards sets the benchmark in moving organisational initiatives beyond compliance, towards the true spirit of transformation.

  • TDCI in association with EES-Siyakha also initiated and coordinate the first professional EEDT practitioners’ forum. 

  • TDCI boasts a wide range of Diversity Awareness, Inclusion and Management programmes.  Although standard programs have been designed, TDCI as a rule customizes these programs to suit the needs of the client organization.

  • Over the last couple of years our Diversity TTT programme has been refined to produce motivated and self-guided diversity related champions.  

  • Our consultancy services are setting new standards of moving past the ‘usual way’ of dealing with diversity.  To ensure sustainable shifts, organisations have been challenged to move beyond mechanistic and ego-centric interventions (compliance/ numbers game towards and business case) towards creating an inclusive diversity mind-set and enabling organisational culture. 

  • The ground-breaking work done in approaching, understanding and dealing with diversity from different perspectives (paradigms) sets TDCI apart from other service providers. In this regard TDCI's Robben Island Diversity Experience has been instrumental in attaining deeper understanding and insight into diversity dynamics. The impact of this event can only be fully grasped by personally speaking to delegates who attended the six-day experience. Apart from offering an alternative framework through which diversity can be understood, RIDE also serves as an intense personal journey through which practitioners are confronted with their own identity, beliefs, reference systems and power dynamics ... and the impact that these aspects have on the way they relate to difference and similarity.

Diversity & Inclusion Track Record 


Diversity-related Conferences / Events:

  • Disability Equity and Inclusion Series: 2020 (In collaboration with Rustim Arifdien Consultants)

  • Generative Race Conversations (In collaboration with Transforming Moments / Althea Banda-Hansmann)

  • Robben Island Diversity Experience (Group Relations Diversity Experience hosted since 2000-)

  • Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation Summit (Since 2009 Partnering with EES Siyakha & SABPP)

  • The SABPP National Employment Equity, Diversity & Transformation Awards. TDCI launched the first national EEDT Awards in association with SABPP and EES Siyakha in 2018.

  • EEDT Practitioners Forum Sessions (Free best practice and networking sessions)

  • Disability Equity Conference (2015 & 2016 with Progression)

  • Organisational and Social Systems Change Dialogue Sessions (with UNISA & UNISA SBL)

Training and Consultancy:

  • Employment Equity Committee Training: SASSA Nelspruit.

  • Diversity Inclusion Training Tender & Diversity TTT: South African Airways Technical (SAAT)

  • Diversity Inclusion Programme: Human Research Science Council (HSRC - Cape Town & Sweet waters, KZN)

  • Developing Employment Equity Plan: Finsch Mine

  • Diversity Management Programme: Daybreak

  • Employment Equity Committee Training: Ellies

  • Diversity Inclusion Session: Flash

  • Diversity and Inclusion Programme: Allan Gray

  • Integrated Diversity and Inclusion Transformation Programme: African Rainbow Minerals

  • Diversity Workshop: Goethe Institute

  • National Petra DiamondDiversity Initiative: Cullinan, Finch, Koffiefontein, KEM

  • Diversity Management Programme: SANPARKS

  • Diversity and Inclusion Tender: National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)

  • Diversity Management Programme: Department of Human Settlements

  • Diversity Train the Trainer: South African Airways

  • Diversity Train the Trainer and Diversity Training Programme: Assmang Khumani

  • Diversity Training: Stefanutti Stocks

  • National Diversity Training Tender: Vodacom

  • Diversity Training: Element 6

  • Diversity Transformation Project: South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL)

  • Diversity Management programme: Mintek

  • EEDT programme: KZN Legislator

  • Diversity Management Programme: Buffalo City

  • EEDT programmes: Vaal University of Technology

  • Diversity Training project: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC Western Cape)

  • Diversity Training: NRCS

  • EEDT programmes:Greater Tzaneen Municipality

  • Diversity Training and Train the Trainers: Central University of Technology

  • Strategic Employment Equity Workshop: First Rand

  • EEDT programmes: Standard Chartered

  • Diversity Awareness Training: SA Mint

  • Executive EEDT Programmes: Public Programmes

  • National series of Diversity Training Programmes: Corptrain / TDC

  • National Diversity Initiative: Capacity Outsourcing

  • Diversity Training and TTT programme: Department of Water Affairs & Forestry

  • National Diversity Training Programme: Thuoslots / Openwave

  • Diversity Training and train the trainers programme: GSSC (City of Johannesburg)

  • Diversity Training and train the trainers programme: University of Stellenbosch

  • Diversity Training: Kumba 

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