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Strategic DEIB Transformation & Culture Change

South African companies are faced with the dual challenge of transforming while being competitive in our VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. These two challenges can however be regarded as flip sides of the same coin. Transformation within this context is driven through legislative imperatives, moral/ethical obligations, business (economic) justifications and an integral understanding of our collective connectedness.

Creating sustainable shifts in diversity and inclusion is however difficult to attain, with most change initiatives failing dismally to affect real and/or deeper change on an individual, team and/or organisational level.  Research indicates that huge budgets have often been wasted on initiatives that produce little more than mechanistic changes to structures and superficial awareness. The challenge is about creating or acknowledging the organisation’s diversity mix (mostly mechanistic and HR related initiatives), as well as making diversity work (deep level cultural transformation).  

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Some of the reasons why diversity initiatives have gone pear-shaped are as follows:

  • A narrow and outdated view of diversity 

  • One-sided case and motive for engaging in diversity work – e.g. predominant focus on compliance

  • Mechanistic interventions that exclusively focus on policies, structures and numbers

  • Leaderless and Leadership supported initiatives rather than Leadership led initiatives. For change to be sustainable it needs to be Top-down, Bottom-up as well as Inside-out.

  • Transformation driven from an ego-systemic rather than an eco-system grounding; e.g. Overly bottom-line thinking that reduces people to profit generating resources

  • Sustainability has not been built into the process. 

  • Not acknowledging change on individual, team and organisational level. 

  • The inability to shift in the hearts and minds of people. 

  • Organisations are stuck ‘toiling away’ on a hamster wheel. Their outdated perspectives and approaches are however getting them nowhere.


Sustainable transformation requires an irreversible shift in the values, strategies, systems, processes, mindsets and culture of the organisation. TDCI offers organisations  a scientifically proven change methodology, a structured and integrated process, and expert consultants (highly experienced business psychologists) to enable sustainable, deep-level diversity and inclusion related transformation.


TDCI has developed a Strategic DEIB Transformation Framework that provides an integrated process to ensure meaningful and sustainable transformation within organisations. The framework includes but moves far beyond mere compliance focussed interventions. Our Strategic DEIB approach acknowledges that true transformation is a journey, not an event, than incorporates change journeys on individual, team, organisational and leadership levels. 

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TDCI'S Integrated DEIB Transformation Framework depicts transformational as an interconnected journey that fledges together individual, leader, team & organisational transformation. We have developed dashboards to capture the state of transformation on each of these levels. 

The framework describes six elements that influence how DEIB Transformation manifest /emerges / presents itself in an organisation. Successful DEIB management and transformation should integrate all six components. Since these elements are interdependent, failure to pay proper attention to one of them, may effect all others as well as the total manifestation of DEIB Transformation in the organisation.

Below are some of TDCI's core change principles, followed by a basic change process:

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It is important to note that each organisation is unique in terms of their context, variables, developmental phase and desired outcomes. As a result every change process is custom designed for each client. We thus engineer initiatives that will enable the shift required by organisations - from simple EE committee training to integrated culture change initiatives. 


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