Generational Differences in the Workplace

Creating workplace collaboration across generations

The Twenty-First Century offers exciting and unchartered territory for employers and employees alike. Never before have five generations rub shoulders against each other in a workplace at once. In 2020, Generation Z (Gen Z, iGen) enters the workplace with high expectations and a vastly different approach to work.


Such a multi-generational workforce provides substantial challenges and workplace barriers. To overcome such obstacles one has to understand the generational characteristics, create cross-generational synergy, and employ workplace diversity to your advantage.



TDCI presents a series of high-impact half-day seminars, guest speaking engagements, and workshops, where we share practical research-based strategies to help you engage, lead and reward your cross-generational teams.

Themes that are addressed include:

  • 5 Generations at a glance: Your practical framework and reference guide

  • The ABC of Gen Z: Generational traits and how to leverage it to your advantage

  • Millennials and Gen Z: Similar yet very different workplace expectations

  • Communication across generations: preferences and pitfalls

  • Tactics to optimally engage, lead, and reward Generations X, Y, Z

  • Co-creating a culture of workplace learning

  • Unconscious bias, stereotypes and stigmas: Exploring our blind spots 

  • Gen Z: Conscious consumers with great power


For more information contact: 

Cicilia Visser:              Reginal Manager (Cape Town)

Telephone:                  +27 (0) 83 200 4536


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