Executive EEDIT Certification Programme

(Employment Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Transformation) 

This is an Executive level Employment Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Transformation intended for senior transformation ​managers. The executive EEDIT programmes provides an integrated curriculum that covers the philosophy (deep drivers), methodology (strategies) and methods (organisational practices) required to become a diversity transformation champion. The certification programme entails a six month journey in attaining expertise knowledge, skills and strategies in strategically managing organisational transformation.  The programme is endorsed by the SABPP and accredited by Services Seta and Southern Business School.


The certification programme uses blended learning that includes formal executive-level EEDIT learning material, three experiential engagement session with , three practical organisational-based assignments (structured in such a way that it guides the formulation of your company's transformation philosophy, strategy and operational plan), three executive diversity management coaching sessions, three action learning sessions and a national benchmarking tour of corporates who are setting the pace in terms of transformation, equity, diversity and inclusion. The programme is concluded with a graduation ceremony and case study presentations from attendees about the impact that they have made with their newly acquired transformational competencies. , skills and , colleagues and executives about the impact of you efforts over the last

Programme Overview:

The EEDIT Certification Programme presents a strategic overview of the architecture of EEDIT related change in organisations. It provides an orientation to the field; charts the evolution of EEDIT practice and explores the latest trends in strategically managing workforce diversity and inclusion. The programme enables practitioners to craft a strategic blueprint in managing large system transformation. 


The programme is grounded in business psychology - thus integrating depth perspectives about the variables that inform individual, group and systemic change & transformation, as well as a thorough understanding of the psychology of diversity relations and dynamics. 


Specific areas covered by the Executive EEDIT  Programme are as follows:

  • EEDT: An emergent field

  • From one dimensional, immediate, mechanistic, and compliance driven interventions to multi-dimensional, integrated, strategic, and dynamic transformation processes

  • How to integrate the legacy of the past and the aspirations of the future in the present day strategies

  • The evolving agenda:

    • Social Justice

    • Political Transformation

    • Socio-economic Transformation

    • Relational Integration

  • Analysing the motives and drivers of organisational change

    • Compliance, Business Case and beyond

  • Exploring transformational journeys: A meta-analysis

    • Theoretical perspectives and models on change and transformation

  • Generations, stages, phases and positions…in getting there

  • The architects of organisational transformation

    • Stakeholder analysis and contracting

  • The architecture of organisational transformation

    • Social Justice: Morally and ethically doing the right thing

    • A Compliance Framework: Representative, equitable and discrimination free

    • Business focus: Effectiveness, efficiency and profit

    • Relational perspective: A different way of relating and being

  • The shift from Operational to Strategic Diversity Management Practice

  • The psychology of change

  • Crafting strategies to transform a diverse workforce into a resource for global success

  • Gearing up: From best practice to next practice

  • Creating potential spaces and virtuous cycles that entrenches diversity into the fabric of the organisation

  • Developing rigorous metrics to support the change initiative and apply comprehensive accountability systems with real rewards and consequences for individuals and groups