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Employment Equity Committee Training

The workshop will enable the delegates to function effectively in their respective roles as part of the Employment Equity committee. The content, structure and process of the workshop will be based on the specific needs, issues and outcomes to be attained. The standard guidelines for such a workshop are provided below. We can however further customise the workshop to address the client’s specific needs.

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The workshop typically covers the following areas:

  • Contextualise change and transformation within the RSA context

  • Relevant legislation and its impact on transformation initiatives

  • Understanding the link between EE, Diversity and Transformation

  • Broad understanding of the transformation challenge and change methodology on Diversity and EE as flip sides of the same coin

  • Background to the Employment Equity Act Outline, purpose and application of act

    • Overview Of Act

    • Purpose Of Act

    • Who Is Covered By The Act?

    • Perspectives On Employment Equity

  • Understanding your responsibilities as an employer and the protection given to employees

  • How does this legislation impact on your Organisation? 

  • Unfair Discrimination

    • What Is Unfair Discrimination?

    • Steps To Eliminate Unfair Discrimination 

    • When is discrimination legal and fair?

  • Implementing Affirmative Action

    • Affirmative Action Measures

    • Who are the "designated groups"? 

    • Implementation Process

    • Setting The Vision

    • Assign Manager

    • Gathering Information

    • Commencing Consultation

  • The difference between Affirmative Action and Employment Equity 

  • Conducting Analysis

    • How to conduct meaningful audits and what audits to conduct  

  • Preparing The Plan

  • Implementation and Monitoring 

  • Reports

  • Income differentials

    • Dealing With Income Differentials

  • Monitoring and enforcement

  • What is needed for effective EE transformation

  • The key role players

  • How to set numerical goals and draw a meaningful EE Plan capable of implementation

    • Monitoring the progress of your Equity Plan 

    • Consequences, enforcement and penalties

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About the workshop:


The overall aim of the workshop is to assist representatives / elected employment equity committee members to function effectively in their roles and responsibilities to support the company’s business plan priorities and comply with the requirements of the Employment Equity, Skills Development, and Skills Development Levies Act’s. The programme will also enable the committee members to understand the broader diversity and transformation context that shape and inform EE compliance within the company.


This programme will empower attendees with the skills and knowledge necessary to become proactive in the successful implementation of employment equity in your organisation. The focus of this programme is on the key concepts and issues surrounding the employment equity act, whilst still ensuring that the focus remains on the practical aspects of planning and implementation.

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Training methodology:

The session is highly interactive and experiential in nature. A variety of fun and engaging activities, challenges simulations, video clips, and group discussions are used to facilitate introspection and to achieve the workshop objectives. The activities included in the programme are determined by the outcomes and the specific diversity related issues that need to be addressed. The facilitators create a safe environment for participants to explore and work with diversity related issues. As part of the programme the delegates are guided in ways of transferring their newfound knowledge, skills and attitude to the work setting.  As with all TDCI training programmes, we strive to effect actual change back at the workplace through effective and practical outcomes based training.

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