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Diversity (DEIB)  Training Programmes

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging  

TDCI offers our clients a wide range of specialised DEIB training programmes. The programme are designed to create a deep understanding of the complexities of diversity and capacitate the practitioner with the necessary mindset and skills to navigate the challenges that our diverse workplaces present. Our diversity training programme include (1)Board and EXCO briefing sessions, (2) Executive DEIB Transformation programmes, (3) EE management and Committee Training, (4) Diversity Management Programmes, (5) Diversity & Inclusion programmes, (6) Diversity Train-the-Trainer / Champion programmes, (7) Capacitation sessions (such as EQ, courageous conversations & unconscious bias), and (7) a range of focussed programmes on race, gender, disability, generations and value orientations.

Click on the links below to read more about our specialised DEIB Training programmes. Please note that we custom design all interventions to suit the context and meet the specific outcomes of our clients. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information or assistance.

Board & EXCO Briefing Sessions

Executive buy-in, support and oversight have proven to be crucial for the successful and sustainable implementation of diversity initiatives. For this reason TDCI has develop high-level strategic presentations and work sessions on Board and EXCO level. These sessions explore the strategic intent, impact, business drivers and organisational risk factors related to workplace diversity and the interventions in question. Strategically these sessions work towards formulating an organisational transformation blueprint that is purpose driven, value-oriented en outcomes focussed. A critical success factor is to ensure that these transformation initiatives are leadership led (not only leadership supported) - thereby practically setting the example  and embedding it into culture of the organisation.

Please email us if you need more information about the Board and EXCO sessions.    


Executive DEIB Transformation Programmes

TDCI offers clients (1) a two-day Orientation Programme to Strategic DEIB Transformation, and (2) a six-month Executive DEIB Transformation Certification programme. The two-day orientation programme presents a high-level overview of the field, TDCI’s Integrated DEIB Transformation framework, the psychology of diversity / diversity relations as well as the science and art of DEIB Transformation. The Certification programme encompasses a deep dive into the field; a strategic deconstruction of the architecture of DEIB Transformation; an operationalisation of leading organisational change; action learning sessions with industry peers; executive DEIB coaching sessions; and Best Practice Site Visits to leaders in the field. There are specific entry requirements for both programmes. For more information about the programme content, structure and process please click here or email Marius Pretorius.

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Employment Equity (EE) Compliance Programmes

TDCI offers our clients a suit of Employment Equity training programmes tools and templates.  The training programmes ranges from strategic management planning sessions, to line management awareness raising, the capacitation of Employment Equity Committees, and a certification programme for Employment Equity managers.  We also offer our clients tools for stakeholder consultation and the conducting of a EE barrier analysis. 

Click here or email us if you need more information about our EE-related programmes.

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Diversity Management workshops

TDCI's Diversity Management workshops provide a framework for understanding the concepts, practicalities and strategies of managing a diverse workforce. It analyses the risks, benefits, and critical factors that will influence the creation of an inclusive and motivated workforce. Effective strategies and tools in managing diversity is presented while specific diversity focus areas (such as gender, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, disability, age, sexual orientation, education and economic diversity) can be addressed. The Diversity Management programmes explore ways of maximizing organisational performance and developing a culture of mutual respect and trust. 

Click here or email us if you need more information about our DEIB Management programmes.

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Diversity Inclusion & Belonging Immersion Programmes​

TDCI offers our clients a wide range of diversity training interventions (themed experiences, facilitated sessions or structured programmes) that create conversation, stimulate awareness, and work towards a deep understanding of the complexities of diversity. TDCI's DEIB training sessions is structured to build intercultural competence and diversity intelligence. We customise our programmes to align to the clients organisational context, culture and their specific training outcomes. The DEIB sessions can be included as part of an integrated immersion programme. Though the programme delegates (1) attain a  broader understanding of the field of diversity and key concepts such as diversity, inclusion, equity, equality and transformation; (2) explore the impact, motives and drivers of diversity initiatives; (3) work towards deconstructing their own diversity mental models / reference systems; (4) acknowledge our resultant stereotypes, unconscious bias, prejudice and discrimination, (5) and work towards generative strategies in becoming more inclusive  in the way we engage with people.

Please click here or contact us if you need more information about our DEIB programmes


Diversity Train the Trainer Programme / DEIB Champion Programme

TDCI’s Train the Trainer programme can be customised to enable Diversity facilitators, Inclusion Ambassadors or Transformation champions for the role and function that they will play in their organisation's change or transformation initiative. The Diversity Train the Trainer Programme (DEIB Champion Programme) provides a complete solution in equipping and empowering trainers/human resource practitioners to plan, implement and facilitate diversity related interventions within their respective organisations. On completion of the programme trainees have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to present diversity related interventions. ​

 For more information about the Diversity TTT programme click here or send us an email.

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Focussed Diversity Programmes:

Race Relations, Gender Equality, Disability Equity, LGBTI ...

It is important to understand that diversity work is both INCLUSIVE and CONTEXTUAL. The inclusive nature point out that diversity comprises of a myriad of similarities and differences - such as race, gender, disability, LGBTI, language, religion, value / thinking differences and socio-economic status... The contextual nature point out that within any given environment, some of these diversity markers would play a more prominent role in differentiating people from one another. Within the South African context race, gender and disability have for instance been identified and enshrined  in workplace-related legislation.


To acknowledge both the inclusive and contextual nature of diversity, TDCI has developed a range of focussed programmes on the most pertinent diversity markers within the South African workplace. Please click below to read more about our focussed / specialised diversity programmes:

  • Race, Racism and Race Relations

  • Gender Equity and Equality

  • Disability Compliance and Equity

  • Intercultural competency for diverse environments

  • Awareness and acceptance of LGBTI

  • Language differences in the workplace

  • Religious diversity in the workplace

  • Values and Thinking Differences 

  • Managing Generational differences in the workplace

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Diversity capacitating Training​

TDCI presents a number of DEIB programmes that capacitate individuals and managers to better understand and deal with workplace diversity. These programme are as follows:

  • Understanding and managing unconscious & implicit bias

  • Courageous and generative diversity conversations

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Intercultural competence for diverse environments

  • Values and thinking pattern diversity (Spiral Dynamic in Action)

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