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Diversity Train the Trainer Programme

TDCI’s Diversity Train the Trainer Programme provides a complete solution equipping and empowering trainers/human resource practitioners to facilitate diversity related interventions within their respective organisations. On completion of this programme the trainees will have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to present diversity related interventions. 

The Train the Trainer programme can be customised to enable Diversity facilitators, Inclusion Ambassadors or Transformation champions for the role and function that they will play in their organisation's change or transformation initiative.  The knowledge and facilitation skills of the attendees, as well as the context and outcomes of the organisational initiative will be considered in the final structure, process and content of the programme.  An outline of our basic Diversity Train the Trainer Process is however provided below.

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The aims of the train the trainers programme are firstly to introduce and orientate the learners to the field of Diversity and related dynamics, and secondly to provide them with the basic knowledge, skills and attitude required for conducting diversity related interventions. The methodology used is customised to the specialised field of diversity training, and participants who have done other train the trainer’s programmes will not be able to be exempted from this part of the programme. 


The train the trainer programme consist of 3 separate workshops, each with its own process, content and outcomes. In total the above mentioned train the trainer workshops thus runs over a period of 6-days. Due to the intensity of the session, the workshops are normally scheduled in such a way that there are gaps between the different workshops.  This offers the trainers the opportunity to reflect on and integrate their learning.


The trainers will also have to do theoretical and practical work/assignments between the sessions. The assignments will be aimed at (1) integrating and applying the knowledge and skills gained during the previous workshop and (2) preparing for the next workshop.

More detail about the 3 Diversity Train the Trainer workshops:


Workshop 1: A two-day Practical Diversity & Inclusion Workshop


A two-day EXPERIENTIAL Diversity & Inclusion Workshop for the prospective Diversity Trainers /Champions. The workshop has a dual purpose of firstly being a personal diversity awareness experience and secondly also introducing the participants to the field of diversity training and development. It will require the participants to move between 1st and 3rd person perspectives: being in the experience but also reflecting on the experience and the process. 

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Workshop 2: A two-day Technical Diversity Train the Trainer workshop


The TECHNICAL two-day workshop will address the science of shifting heads, hands and hearts. It covers various theories, models, techniques and approaches to diversity and diversity training. The workshop will provide the delegates with a thorough understanding of the philosophy, methodology and methods in structuring and facilitating , methods and dynamics relevant in diversity training interventions. It is essential that diversity facilitators have a clear grasp of the content, process and dynamics appropriate in enabling deep and sustainable shifts on individual and organisational levels.


The Technical two-day Diversity Train the Trainer workshop will cover the following:

  • Contextualising & Orientation to diversity, diversity management and diversity training

  • Deconstructing the evolution of diversity theory

  • Learning to learn about diversity

  • Theoretical Grounding and knowledge base for diversity training

  • Unpacking the diversity training paradigm

  • Methodology of change

  • Constructing an enabling environment for learning about diversity 

  • Designing diversity training programmes

  • Diversity training mediums /methods

  • Evaluating and assessing diversity training

  • Useful models for diversity training

  • Diversity training: challenges and Issues

  • Towards an organisation specific success model for Diversity Training

  • An understanding and process to create sustainable D & I change


Workshop 3: A Diversity Training Skills Development Workshop (two-day). 


The workshop will focus on the practical skills (art of diversity facilitation) necessary to successfully facilitate diversity programmes. The practical skills include programme, process and content design, facilitation as well as processing skills. Participants will practically facilitate session and receive feedback on the mentioned skills. A personal development plan will be drafted for each participant.