Diversity Management

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We live and work in a multicultural world, comprised of people with divergent backgrounds, assumptions, needs and interests. Increasing heterogeneity presents a double-edged sword that offers (1) a competitive advantage through innovation, creativity and productivity, as well as (2) challenges through conflict, misunderstandings, disruption and increased complexity. Diversity if 'done right' can thus yield a number of benefits for the organisation, while poor management thereof can be a costly exercise. 

Diversity management is therefore generally regarded as a crucial element in determining which side of diversity's sword will apply. Managing diversity is regarded as the process of planning and implementing organisational systems and practices in such a way that the potential advantages of diversity are maximised while its potential disadvantages are minimised. Diversity management not only acknowledges people's diversity and the value that these differences offer; but also fosters inclusive environments that counters discriminate, prejudice and unconscious bias.

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TDCI's Diversity Management workshop provides a framework for understanding the concepts, practicalities and strategies of managing a diverse workforce. It analyses the risks, benefits, and critical factors that will influence the creation of an inclusive and motivated workforce. Effective strategies and tools in managing diversity is presented while specific diversity issues (such as gender, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, disability, age, sexual orientation, education and economic diversity) can be addressed. The programme explores ways of maximizing organisational performance and developing a culture of mutual respect and trust. TDCI's diversity management programme capacitate leaders and managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to creating inclusive work environments (Architecture of Inclusive and Excellence). 

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The basic Diversity Management programme includes the following element but can be further customised to suit the client's specific needs:

  • Contextualise and create awareness of Employment Equity, Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, Diversity Management, as well as Change and Transformation

  • Exploring the evolution of diversity management paradigms (different theoretical approaches and models to dealing with diversity)

  • Conduct a diversity risk-analysis and exploring the organisation’s motive and case for dealing with workplace diversity.

  • Explore the organisation’s Current Scenario (developmental stage) and Desired State.

  • Developing a strategic blueprint for the company’s employment equity and diversity related transformation

  • Enabling managers with the necessary insight to strategically manage diversity related issues.

  • Providing the neccesary tools, strategies and systems to ensure the sustainable implementation of the transformational blueprint