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Rustim Ariefdien

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and specifically, Disability Employment Equity, presents many organisational benefits, yet companies do not know how to tap into these benefits and employ it to their advantage. 


TDCI presents a nationwide series on Disability and the Employment Equity Legislation. Delegates will explore the finer nuances of the Employment Equity Act, what the disability scorecard is, how to achieve points under the Disability Employment Equity Plan and strategies to create an inclusive working environment for people with disabilities.  


The Series will be presented by Rustim Arefdien. Rustimhas a diploma in Disability Studies from the University of Cape Town. He assists businesses to “let the Ability of disAbility enAble their profitAbility”. He achieves this through the BBBEE elements of the score card; skills development, employment equity and socio-economic development. He ensures that businesses are able to maximise their points on the BBBEE scorecard and become compliant to legislative requirements as laid out in the Employment Equity and Skills Development Acts.


Rustim’s purpose is the economic empowerment of persons with disability in Africa. Himself a person born with a disability, Rustim has extensive experience in the development and empowerment of persons with disability being well networked in business, government and civil society. As an entrepreneur Rustim has owned and spawned numerous enterprises specializing in Disability Economic Empowerment.

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