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Virtual DEIB Tools, Templates and Guides

TDCI, in addition to the E-Learning programme, offer our clients a range of virtual tools, templates and guides to assist them in the strategic as well as operational management of DEIB Transformation. These resources are designed by experts and aligned to best practice standards in the field. It provides practitioners with pre-designed solutions that will save hundreds of hours. The practitioner just have to customised the tools and templates for use in their own organisation. The tools, templates and guides cover a range of assessments (barrier analysis, culture surveys...), strategy documents (such as transformation or Gender equity strategy), policy frameworks (such as Disability or Sexual Harassment policies), plans (such as Employment Equity and Gender Mainstreaming), guides (such as EE, Disability and LGBTI best practice guides), and report templates (such as Strategic DEID transformation and EE reporting). 

The following tools, templates and guides are available on our virtual platform​:

  • EEDT Audit and Benchmarking tool

  • DEIB Transformation strategy

  • Employment equity StrategyPolicy & Plan

  • Diversity and inclusion Strategy 

  • Gender Equity Strategy, Policy & Gender mainstreaming

  • LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Strategy & Policy 

  • Disability Equity Strategy & Policy 

  • Best Practice Guides for Gender and Disability Management

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