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TDCI's DEIB E-Learning Academy presents a range of online DEIB training programmes can be utilised either as part of focussed interventions or as part of continuous learning and development initiatives (creating sustainability and inclusion longevity). Our engaging and interactive E-learning programmes are developed by content matter experts and designed to be both informative as well as transformative. Our Virtual / E-learning Academy includes Executive programmes, DEIB management programmes, EE orientation sessions, D&I awareness programmes, a host of specialised diversity programmes (on race, gender, disability, inter-cultural competence...) and capacitating programmes (such as EQ, courageous conversations & unconscious bias).

Below is a list of TDCI's DEIB E-learning Programmes

  • Executive programmes

    • EEDT Board and Exco briefing

    • Crystallising your drivers and case for embarking on EEDT initiatives

  • Diversity Management

    • Strategic EEDT management

    • Operational EEDT management: Fostering Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging

    • Orientation to EE compliance

  • Diversity capacitating programmes

    • Implicit and Unconscious bias

    • Constructive and Courageous Diversity Conversations

    • Emotional intelligence and people relations

    • A Spiral dynamics lens on diversity relations: Values and thinking patterns

    • Diversity Champion programme

  • Race Relations

    • Deconstructing Race Relations

    • Generative conversations on Race, Racism and Race Relations

  • Gender Equity

    • The social construction of Gender and its implicit and unconscious bias

    • Gender mainstreaming

  • LGBTQ+

    • Gender identity and expression

    • LGBTQ+ awareness and acceptance

  • Disability Equity

    • Disability equity and inclusion

    • Disability management

  • Generations in the workplace

    • Managing and including multiple generations in the workplace

  • Ethnicity and Intercultural competence

    • Intercultural Competence For Modern Day Workplace

    • Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

  • Cognitive and value diversity

    • Thinking style 

    • Value orientation diversity

  • Religion, belief and spirituality

    • Working with people with diverse religious and spiritual beliefs

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